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How to Remove Musty Odors From Towels

How to Remove Musty Odors From Towels

How to Remove Musty Odors From Towels

Out of all of your laundry items, towels may be used the most frequently. Have you ever wondered how clean water can make a towel smell so bad? Could it be that they are not really clean?

Towels are supposed to get wet, but they are not supposed to stay wet. If you throw your wet towel into the hamper or leave it wadded up in a ball on the floor, it is going to stay wet. And while it is wet, that creates the perfect environment for germs and mold to grow.

 Learn what you can do to remedy this problem and how to prevent it from recurring.

  1. Hanging a towel to allow air to circulate and dry it after use is definitely the best way to prevent odors. If you have a family, particularly with younger children, it may not be likely that every towel gets hung up properly.
  2. It is also important to remember to switch towels quickly from the washing machine to the dryer and clean your lint filter regularly to make sure that your dryer is running as efficiently as possible.
  3. Run your towels through a regular cycle with very warm or hot water, your regular detergent, and a cup of vinegar as a natural fabric softener for the rinse cycle.

Life hacks for washing towels:

Washing of terry towels - at a high temperature – at least at 60 degrees. In case of heavy dirt - up to 90 degrees. It’s necessary to get rid of the germs on the towel.

In daily laundry mode, the rinsing process is too short and the water is cold. This will not eliminate harmful bacteria: they will continue to reproduce after washing. That’s why, in some cases, the laundry from the machine has a stale smell.

Instead of washing powder, it is better to use laundry capsules - they do not stiffen the fabric. It’s better not to use the fabric softener, or at least not to add it every time you do laundry.

Fabric softener components reduce absorbency over time. You can achieve softness of the towels in another way: just set the spin at 600 rpm.