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How often do you have to change your bath towels?

How often do you have to change your bath towels?

How often do you have to change your bath towels?

How often do you have to change your bath towels?

The pandemic has shown that simple rules of personal hygiene keep you healthy.
A towel is an item of strictly personal hygiene. If the hygienic rules of hotels and sanitary regulations are followed, each person should have 5 towels of different size:
?for hands
?for feet
?for the body
?for intimate hygiene
?for face
The frequency of washing the towels depends on several factors:
?how many people live in the house;
?what purpose is the towel used for;
?whether wetness evaporates easily from the bathroom;
?if there are children in the house.

However, if there is an unpleasant smell even after the first use, it is necessary to send the towel to the laundry immediately.

In a combined bathroom, you have to monitor the cleanliness of the towels. There are billions of bacteria under the toilet rim and on it. They explode and settle on all surfaces, including wet tissue.

Kids’ towels should be changed more often. Children are often unable to do bath procedures thoroughly, so microbes on their towels accumulate even more.

The combination of high humidity, dead body cells and high temperature in the bathroom contributes to increased breeding of harmful microbes. If you use an item like this, you get all kinds of infections.

  • for hands – you should change a towel every 2 days and every day in large families. This is the only towel that all family members can use at the same time. For guests, we advise you to hang a separate one. Careful and regular hand washing is the main way of prevention all possible infectious diseases. It is also important how we dry our hands. Many healthcare professionals believe that the most hygienic way to dry their hands is to use paper towels.
  • for feet – you should change a towel every 2-3 days depending on frequency of use and season (in summer legs are washed more often).
  • for the body – you should change a towel every 2-3 days or every 3-4 applications. It is important to dry the towels carefully, as they are the densest, so they will dry for a long time in natural conditions. Although we use a towel after a shower, it still contains dead cells and skin microflora, which at the increased humidity of the bathroom spreads very quickly. This is why specialists recommend washing towels after every 3-4 applications.
  • for intimate hygiene – changing of the towel is necessary after each use. This item is for individual use only.
  • for the face – you should change the towel every day. Often the causes of acne and skin rashes are related to the failure to comply with basic hygiene standards. For those with problematic facial skin, wash a towel should be washed after each use. The alternative way is to use paper towels. The skin of the face and neck is more sensitive than the skin of the body, therefore, experts advise to have separate towels for the face and to change them more often than towels for the body. Ideally, you should do it every day.

A tip for those who don’t like the constant washing of the towels: clean your face with a cotton pad or a paper towel. It is simple, hygienic and does not require much effort and money.