Odorless Bathtub Restoration | Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing


Update your bath the right way!

Then you should consider Eco Tub Restoration! By refinishing your existing tubs or shower you not only save money, but the headache that comes with replacement!

New Tub Or Bathtub Refinishing

Let’s take a closer look at the tub replacement versus tub reglazing debate, so you can choose which option is best for your situation It’s wise to consider everything involved with a bathtub replacement before you decide what to do about your grimy old bathtub.

Why such a price?

"What am I paying for?" and "What does the price include?" - you may ask. ⠀ Yes, you are asking very good questions, because we have to know what we are paying for.

Take a look at your bathtub or shower base. What do you see?

-Peeling. If you see peeling or two layers of color anywhere in the bathtub, then the bathtub has been restored in the past. Such a bathtub is very difficult to wash. And how to bathe children in such a bathtub?