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Why such a price?

Why such a price?

Why such a price?

Why such a price?
"What am I paying for?" and "What does the price include?" - you may ask.

Yes, you are asking very good questions, because we have to know what we are paying for.

Here are the answers to your questions.

1. What am I paying for?
You are paying for the best quality! What is the best quality? It is professionally performed work and high-quality material that we use in our work. It has been proven that the enamel we use is absolutely safe and does not contain toxic and hazardous odors and vapors. Despite this, our material is very durable and waterproof which gives you an amazing result: a durable and stable bathtub coating that will last for 10-15 years. Your bathtub will look like a new one, moreover, it will have a beautiful glossy layer, which is completely safe for you and your family.

2. What is included in the price?
Our work starts with removing the old silicone layer from your bath. If there is damage, rust, and destruction, we fix them all. We wash the bath thoroughly with several stages. This step is really very important! Next, we dry and degrease the surface of the bath. And the last step is to cover the bathtub with liquid enamel. This technique requires experience and skill. The whole process of work takes 3-4 hours. If your bathtub was previously restored with low-quality material and is peeling now, then the first thing we do is to remove the peeling coating as much as possible and grind the bathtub to achieve an even coating in the future.