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Bathtub Restoration: Why and What For

Bathtub Restoration: Why and What For

Bathtub Restoration: Why and What For

Throughout your life, your bathtub is continuously exposed to many factors, for example bad, harsh water, abrasive substances, changes in temperature, damage, and harmful chemicals and substances.  

Naturally, after a long time of usage, the appearance of the tub is far from ideal, and cleaning agents no longer restore it to its former whiteness. This is exactly where so many are faced with a choice: Buy a new bathtub, or leave everything as is? Perhaps you never considered the third option - Bathtub Restoration. This method of restoring does not require the dismantling of your tub, takes much less time and effort, and is far more tolerable financially.

Also many prefer to have a cast-iron bathtub, which is better at retaining heat and does not rust.

Bathtub restoration is a full-fledged renewal of worn-out enamel, which is covered with chips or cracks. You will not have to deal with a grand remodel of the entire bathroom or organize the dismantling and refitting of the doorway and the shower pipes. The procedure itself is quite simple, the main thing is to follow all the recommendations given by the experts.

One of the major drawbacks of bathtub restoration is the high toxicity of the compound. The Eco Tub Restoration company avoids this problem by using only high-quality materials that do not produce toxic odors. Also, our material has been independently tested for the detection of toxic fumes during and after the bathtub restoration process. It’s completely safe for you, your family, your pets, or people suffering from allergies.

Another disadvantage is the short service life of the restored bathtub.

Sometimes this problem occurs when the new coating is improperly used or the recommendations from the specialists are not followed. But in many cases, the problem is caused by the poor quality of work during the restoration process. The coating used by Eco Tub Restoration is 10 times thicker than the conventional sprays. What does that mean? An accidentally dropped shampoo bottle or a dripping faucet will not damage the surface, and your bath will look just like new. Also, this high-quality coating allows you to use a bath mat and not worry about the layer peeling or flaking (many use bath mats in the bathtub when bathing their babies or dogs). 

Why contact a professional:

You can restore the tub yourself, but it’s best to reach out to a professional company. It’s much safer and cost-effective. You won’t have to scrub the paint off of your clothes or your floor. The main thing is to trust real professionals who will show up at the customer’s home and promptly complete all the necessary work. The cost of the work will be discussed in advance. The bathtub can be used again after 24 hours.