Odorless Bathtub Restoration | Bathtub Refinishing



Update your bath the right way!

Then you should consider Eco Tub Restoration! By refinishing your existing tubs or shower you not only save money, but the headache that comes with replacement!

How often do you have to change your bath towels?

The pandemic has shown that simple rules of personal hygiene keep you healthy. A towel is an item of strictly personal hygiene. If the hygienic rules of hotels and sanitary regulations are followed, each person should have 5 towels of different size:

How to Remove Musty Odors From Towels

Out of all of your laundry items, towels may be used the most frequently. Have you ever wondered how clean water can make a towel smell so bad? Could it be that they are not really clean?

Take a look at your bathtub or shower base. What do you see?

-Peeling. If you see peeling or two layers of color anywhere in the bathtub, then the bathtub has been restored in the past. Such a bathtub is very difficult to wash. And how to bathe children in such a bathtub?