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Chipping, Rust, Hole and Crack Repair

Sooner or later, all of us can notice chipping on the bathtub that appears as a result of strong imparts and heavy objects falling on it. Whenever chipping, rust, holes or cracks appear on the bathtub, they shouldn’t be neglected. Contact the Eco Tub Restoration to get the damage repaired as soon as possible to make your bathtub serve you for 10-15 years more.

Chipping can not only spoil the appearance of the bathtub but also make it a more dangerous place for your family where bacteria can appear. To avoid it from happening and prevent the process of bathtub destruction, ensure that you order chipping, rust, hole, and crack repair services at Eco Tub Restoration. We provide fast and reliable services in Chicago, in the areas that cover residential and commercial property.

Whenever you notice any of the aforementioned issues on your bathtub, the quickest and the most practical decision would be to cover the whole bathtub to prevent any further damages and avoid the risk of bacteria spreading all around. Besides, the old enamel will look different from a new layer, which will hardly make your bathtub look aesthetically pleasing. If you strive for perfection, ordering the entire bathtub renovation should be the optimal choice for you.



With the complete bathtub restoration, you can also protect yourself and your family from further damages. We use high-quality enamel that the Eco Tub Restoration team will gently apply to your old bathtub.  

Whenever you are looking for expert bathtub repair services in Chicago, feel free to give us a call at Eco Tub Restoration. We’ll provide you with professional consultation and bathtub repair services whenever it’s the most appropriate time for you.