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Sink Repair

Sink repair in Chicago by Eco Tub Restoration. We will restore your sink to its original condition, it will shine like new. The work will only take 2 hours, but the result will please you for 15 years or more. Your bathroom will retain its coziness and cleanliness. Although you don’t spend a lot of time there, you certainly want every detail to be polished to a shine.
sink repair

And if we are talking about a kitchen sink, then cooking will become much more pleasant for you with a “new” sink.

Washbasins and kitchen sinks are some of the most vulnerable plumbing fixtures, they can fail much faster than bathtubs and other elements of your apartment. If you notice minor scratches and chips in your sink, the damage can get worse over time if not repaired properly. You might even consider replacing the sink altogether. However, no matter what condition your sink is in at the moment, we can restore it. Here is what will you get after our work:

  • Chips and cracks will be repaired
  • Rust will be completely removed
  • The sink will look brand new
  • An additional thick layer of enamel will give even greater strength to the fixture
  • There will be no harmful fumes either during or after work

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Why do we not recommend self-repair using special washbasin restoration kits? If you repair it yourself, then most likely you will make some kind of omission, which will lead to a worsening of the situation. And if you do everything right according to the instructions, you still would not be able to return the aesthetic appearance of the sink, as it will be more like a patch. We approach the problem in a sophisticated way. Our masters have undergone special training. Yes, this is not an easy job, and it requires special education that we have. So allow the professionals to do the work for you.

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What is the sink restoration process?

  1. Cleaning the entire surface
  2. Removal of  plaque
  3. Removal of rust
  4. Sanding the surface
  5. Fixing the chipping
  6. Removal of dust and drying
  7. Applying liquid enamel 
  8. Evenly distributing the enamel along the sink surface
  9. Letting it dry for 24 hours

The entire work process takes only 2-3 hours, depending on complexity. The newly restored sink will make you happy for many years to come!

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How do I place an order for sink repair?

You can choose any of these convenient ways to contact us - phone, instant messengers, e-mail, or online chat in the lower right corner of the website. For a preliminary estimate of the cost, you can send us a photo of your sink. We would like to note that we start work only after an accurate assessment of the cost. This means that there will be no surprises waiting for you. We will arrive at a convenient time for you by prior arrangement.

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