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Tub Restoration Services

While ordering exceptional bathtub refinishing services in Chicago, you are purchasing the entire package of materials and hours of work that the Eco Tub Restoration team will spend while fixing sinks and bathtubs in your commercial or residential property.

We take care of choosing the proper materials that will fit the budget and aesthetic expectations of our clients. Not all sinks and bathtubs are the same, so we need to thoroughly choose the materials for the maximum satisfaction of every client. Moreover, we use odorless materials that will fit everyone. You may start using the sink or bathtub right after it’s refinished without experiencing any discomfort. In fact, by selecting our services, you can extend the life of your bathtub for decades to come. 

Eco Tub Restoration is the only bathtub refinishing company in Chicago that offers more than just the basic top costs and surface prep. We work with materials of the highest quality and take care of selecting the colors of enamel that will perfectly match the interior of the customer’s bathroom and the personal preferences of every individual who asks us for help.

Before getting straight to work, we carefully examine the look, quality, and durability of porcelain to decide what materials should be used during its refinishing. We strive to provide you with services of the highest quality that are supported by the skills and experience of our team. 

Whenever you are looking for expert sink and bathtub repair services in Chicago, feel free to give us a call at Eco Tub Restoration. We’ll provide you with professional consultation and sink and bathtub repair services whenever it’s the most appropriate time for you. 



(Please read the "Bathtub Repair" section to understand the sizes and types of bathtubs).

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