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Fiberglass Tub Repair

Fiberglass Tub Repair

Fiberglass bathtub repair in Chicago, IL.You might have purchased a fiberglass bathtub, because it was affordable and looked quite decent. Or you moved into an apartment where such a bathtub was installed. In any case, it is worth noting that fiberglass is a fairly durable material, but over time, it loses its strength and may even crack. Whether you live in a rented apartment or can’t afford a new bathtub for your home, the best solution is to renovate your fiberglass bathtub.

This solution is quite affordable, and the renovated bathtub will last you many years. Eco Tub Restoration offers quality repair services. We can fix any types of damages on a fiberglass bathtub, including a weak bottom, cracks and even holes.

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Fixing cracks on a fiberglass bathtub

We will not just fix a hole or make a support, we will make your bathtub look new again and strengthen its surface. Your old fiberglass tub will be stronger and more durable than a new one. Why do we make such a promise? The thing is that after the repair, we will smooth out the surface on your bathtub and re-enamel it. We will apply a thick layer of enamel to make your bathtub much more durable.

  1. We start by repairing cracks
  2. Next, we restore the bottom
  3. Then we smooth out the entire surface of the bathtub
  4. Next, we re-enamel the bathtub to prevent it from cracking
  5. Then we dry the bathtub for 24 hours
  6. Your bathtub is snow-white and durable again

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Why should I repair a fiberglass bathtub instead of buying a new one?

  • Cost. It is probably the main argument. Refinishing your old bathtub will cost you 70-80% less compared to buying a new one.
  • Durability. We will make your old bathtub more durable compared to a new one by applying an additional layer of enamel to it.
  • Time. Refinishing your bathtub will take no more than 24 hours (depending on the type of damages). Buying a new bathtub involves much more steps. First, you have to find and get it delivered. Then you have to remove your old bathtub and install the new one.
  • Cleanliness. After we refinish your bathtub, you will not have to clean your bathroom. It will look nice and clean.

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