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Fiberglass Tub Repair

Fiberglass Tub Repair

Does your fiberglass bathtub look dull, faded, scratched, or worn out?

Unfortunately, a fiberglass tub can crack or stain in just a few years. The use of hair dyes, bath bombs, and strong chemicals in the bathtub or shower tray can ruin the finish and appearance.

We can restore your bathtub to perfection in one day. Just 3-4 hours of work and 24 hours to dry - and your bathtub will look like new again. There will be no construction dust, dirt, toxic or poisonous fumes. Bathtub repair will restore your tub to a glossy finish that is easy to care for and maintain, and the repaired tub will look even better than the original.

Repairing a fiberglass bathtub is a great alternative to outright tub replacement.

Are there holes or cracks in your tub? If you found cracks in the fiberglass, don’t delay and order fiberglass tub or shower tray repair ASAP.

At Eco Tub Restoration, we will caringly repair your old fiberglass bathtub and extend its service life for many years. We will save you up to 75% off bathtub replacement costs and the hassles associated with it.

Caring for your newly resurfaced fiberglass bathtub will be simple and convenient. The smooth surface without pores or scratches won’t trap dirt, so all that‘s needed to clean the shower tray is a regular sponge and soap.

Why replace when you can simply restore! Just call or message us today, and tomorrow your fiberglass bathtub or shower tray will shine like new!