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Tub Liner Removal

There are many ways to breathe new life into your bathtub. One of them is by installing an acrylic liner to it. Although it’s not one of the most durable and reliable solutions, many people prefer it due to its visual look and feel. If you are looking forward to removing the liner in your bathtub, the Eco Tub Restoration team is ready to provide you with services of top quality in the shortest time and the most affordable budget. 

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Tub liner removal

Some of the most common reasons for removing the old liner include cracks that can appear on the bathtub. Besides a bad odor, the liner can be dangerous to stand on. As time passes by, the liner starts sagging and eventually cracks. To avoid it from happening, we recommend removing the old liner and restoring it or replacing it with a new one. Installing a new bathtub is more costly than refinishing the old one. Whatever choice you make, you can order the needed service at Eco Tub Restoration and feel safe that you will get the service of the highest quality.

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removing the tub liner

If you decide to restore the old bathtub, beware of the process. First of all, we need to remove the old acrylic layer along with various materials that were used to mount the bathtub liner and silicone from the surface of the bathtub. After thoroughly cleaning the bathtub, inspecting it, and repairing all defects, we apply a new adhesive odorless material that is durable and safe to use for the entire family. 

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