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Porcelain Tub Repair in Chicago, IL

Porcelain Tub Repair in Chicago, IL

Porcelain bathtubs or showers are especially popular among residential homeowners. Your bathtub may look and feel like new for many years after installation. However, the surface may start fading and getting old with time. That’s when porcelain bath repair services will come in handy for you.


If your tub is in good shape, still has its gloss but suffered a blow which caused a chipped area in your bathtub. Then your bathtub may be a good candidate for bathtub chip repair. If you are looking for a professional refinisher, look at the services delivered by Eco Tub Restoration. We are experienced at providing high-quality refinishing services in Chicago, IL. 


We can fix porcelain tub chips, repair porcelain tubs, refinish your bathtub, sink, shower base. Unlike other refinishing companies working with the same commercially purchased products, at Eco Tub Restoration, we use odorless materials that dry fast and let you get back to using the bathtub in 24 hours. 


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