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Porcelain bathtub restoration

Porcelain Bathtub Restoration in Chicago. Restore your bathtub in as few as 3 hours.

Chances are your bathtub has faded, or it has cracks and chips, and you're now wondering how to fix the issue. There are several options: buy a new bathtub, restore it on your own by purchasing a special repair kit, or turn to a master who will do it professionally.

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Porcelain Tub Repair in Chicago, IL

Ways to restore porcelain bathtub

Let's analyze these options in more detail. The first thing I would like to note is that if you already have a porcelain bathtub, do not rush to sell it. You probably did not buy it cheap, since it is quite a heavy material, and at one time there were no relatively light acrylic bathtubs available. But since you already have such a porcelain bathtub, you should not rush to throw it away and replace it with a new one. Although now there are many affordable models made with different materials, think about how much it would cost to remove the old and install a new bathtub, as well as the associated repairs.

So we move on to the option of restoration. The market now offers quite a few kits for self-repair of the bathtub, and the Internet is full of articles on the subject. This may seem like a good solution, because it seems to be an inexpensive kit, and they do not seem complicated to use. But we know that you will never get a perfect result with this method. In addition, when you fix the chip, that area will stand out against the surface of the bathtub, since porcelain tends to fade over time. Therefore, our mission is to save your bathtub by offering our professional porcelain bathtub restoration services.

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Porcelain Bathtub Restoration by Master

What is the difference between a professional porcelain bathtub restoration and a do-it-yourself restoration? In order to become a professional, we have undergone special training, and have the necessary knowledge and skills, confirmed by certificates. We use only non-toxic materials. We use liquid enamel to paint the bathtub, by pouring method. Under no circumstances do we use paint that needs to be sprayed, as this causes small particles to enter the lungs and harm the body. We are in favor of eco-friendly work.

What kind of result will you get from our work?

  • Chips and cracks will be patched and sanded down
  • The entire bathtub will have a uniform shade, without any stains
  • The bathtub will have a fine sheen, it will shine like new
  • You get a new thicker, much more solid coating
  • You can start using your bath the next day!
  • No toxic odor in the bathroom

How much does it cost to repair a porcelain bathtub?

Repair prices range from $400 to $495. Consider that you'll only pay once, and enjoy the product for 10 to 15 years to come! The price includes the cost of the material itself. The final price depends only on how much material we will need to use. Upon inspection of the bathroom, we immediately estimate the work and prepare a contract for you, which means that you will know the cost in advance before the work begins. We provide a guarantee for 5 years.

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