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Shower Base Repair

shower base repair

Unfortunately, shower tray damage is more common than bathtub damage. Different types of damages occur mainly due to uneven weight distribution. There is a lot of pressure (weight) on the shower tray, mostly in one spot. This can cause large cracks, deep chips, scratches, and even holes.

Having to buy a new shower tray because of a chip or a crack is a luxury few can afford.

Nowadays, you can find a company whose specialists can repair a shower tray without dismantling and replacing it. One such company is Eco Tub Restoration in Chicago. Qualified specialists at Eco Tub Restoration will completely restore your shower tray. The shower tray will be made to look like new and will last for many years.

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What are some positives (or advantages) of quality shower tray restoration?

  1. One of the benefits – Quick turnaround time.
    Qualified specialists will complete the work in just a few hours, after which all that remains is waiting for a couple of hours for the surface to dry completely. Usually, the work takes 3-4 hours, and 24-36 hours after that the surface will dry and be ready for use.
  2. Lifetime. The liquid enamel used by the specialists at Eco Tub Restoration is known for high wear resistance and lasts for 10 years or even longer. The shower tray will look like new and have an attractive appearance for the entire product lifetime.
  3. Safety. Liquid enamel doesn’t release toxic odors or poisonous fumes. It is completely safe both during the work process and the entire length of product usage. In fact, the material used by Eco Tub Restoration to restore shower trays is completely suitable for high-rise buildings, homes for the elderly, and homes with children or pets. This definitely speaks to the safety of the product.
  4. Ease of care. Caring for your newly resurfaced shower tray will be simple and convenient. The smooth surface without pores or scratches won’t trap dirt, so all that‘s needed to clean the shower tray is a regular sponge and soap.
  5. Surface reliability. Liquid enamel has excellent adhesion, so the applied layer becomes one with the shower tray surface. This provides additional durability, strength, and damage resistance.


Usually, during a shower water pours on one spot, which can damage the surface. But this won’t happen after a shower tray restoration with Eco Tub Restoration. Since the cover is waterproof, cold, or hot water splashes will not affect the shower tray surface. It won’t crack for many, many years. It is a very durable material that will keep the renewed appearance for many years to come.

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