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What We Use

What are the advantages of our unique bathtub restoration process?

1. Enamel - we use a specially formulated liquid enamel that allows us to pour it on the bathtub, shower pan or sink.
2. No Spray - since we pour on the enamel, there are no toxic fumes or smell. Our product is nearly VOC-free. Definitely better for your health and the health of your tenants.
3. Thicker coat - other methods apply an extremely thin layer. Our enamel produces a coat that is 10 times thicker. What does that mean for you? It lasts longer. No need to respray every 6 months. Instead enjoy the product for 3-5 years.
4. Economical - the average price of a complete renovation of a bathroom is between $5000 - $15,000. Just to change the bathtub will run you in the thousands with the cost of labor. Other resurfacing methods may seem to cost less, but if you have to respray every 6 - 12 months - it's not cheaper. With our process we offer a 3 year limited commercial warranty. The upfront cost may be slightly more, but you will pay less in the long run.
5. Time Saver - a bathroom renovation or even bathtub replacement can take weeks if not months. Our process takes 3-4 hours and you can use the bathtub within 24 hours. Definitely a time saver.
Don't mess around with inferior techniques or complete renovations.
At Eco Tub Restoration we can restore your bathtubs in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost while supporting your health.

Check out more pictures of our process of restoring and refinishing bathtubs in our picture gallery.

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